MLK Mural looks to brings positivity to Richmond

MLK Mural looks to brings positivity to Richmond

(WWBT) - If you drive by the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial bridge between 7 a.m. and 11 a.m. Monday through Thursday, kids are painting to bring something bright to the Mosby community.

"The kids come out every morning, dedicated, energetic. It's been fun and great to see their enthusiasm when painting," said camp counselor Jowarnise Catson.

What once used to be a gray wall that was always covered by graffiti is now something special.

"If the kids come around and don't have anything positive to look at, they not going to think a lot positive," said artist organizer Sir James Thornhill.

Organizers from UNITY Street Project and Pine Camp Recreation Center partnered for a six-week long summer camp, where students are learning the art of history by painting a mural of MLK.

"This is a lot of fun. I'm really glad I choose this over my other camps I could have done," said 7th grade student Isabelle Winning.

"We're pulling out heroes and sheroes [sic] that you can put on the wall," said Thornhill. "So no matter who moves into the area, they'll realize that these people were here and they made a positive impact."

Giving their community something to be proud of.

"It feels very, very special to be able to paint a man that had such a big impact on the African American community," said 9th grade student Matthew Burton.

"Before I just kind of learned about him in school, but when I did this, I learned some history," said Winning.

It's an effort to bring everyone together, no matter the race or the color.

"This is a labor of love meant for everyone in our community," said Thornhill. "This is not only our project, but it's their project. It belongs to everybody."

"Every day, when I get ready to leave, I take a few pictures," said Burton.

There are only three weeks left until this project is finished. Once it is done, there will be a dedication ceremony.

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