RESTAURANT REPORT: Drain flies and cleaning needed

RESTAURANT REPORT: Drain flies and cleaning needed

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Two restaurants had some cleaning up to do, according to their last health inspections.

We started at Waffle House, at 8400 Brook Road in Henrico. It had six priority violations and two priority foundation violations on its last health inspection, including drain flies throughout the kitchen, a food employee who cracked a raw egg then touched clean dishes, and a build-up on the omelet mixer and juice containers.

Six violations were corrected during the inspection.

We stopped by to talk with the manager, who said he had to refer us to their corporate office. The Waffle House corporate office sent us this statement:

"We apologize to our customers and want to assure them we have taken corrective measures at this restaurant. The local management team along with our corporate training team have implemented an action plan to reinforce our food safety protocols. We make every effort to provide a clean and safe environment for all customers and associates. Any problems identified are investigated fully and appropriate corrective action is taken immediately."

Up next, Travinia Italian Kitchen and Wine Bar at 1601 Willow Lawn Drive in Richmond. It had had five priority violations, one priority foundation, and nine core violations.

The report says swordfish was not cooked to a high enough temperature, the manager threw out some cheese and orzo that wasn't kept cold enough, and they were told to clean mold off a wall and encrusted grease and soil off some equipment.

Five violations were corrected on the spot.

We spoke with the manager by phone, who says everything has been corrected now, which the follow-up report shows. He says they resurfaced the cutting boards, cleaned everything that needed cleaning, and are reprinting the menus, taking a warning about undercooked foods off of items that are fully cooked. Travinia's annual permit was renewed.

We gave our NBC12 Hall of Fame Award to Taqueria Isabel, which you'll find at 4950 Jeff Davis Highway in Richmond serving up tacos and tortas. The owner of this food truck has aced four health inspections in a row, doing all the work herself.

Said Isabel Ovando, "When he comes, everything is clean. It's perfect. I don't have any problems."

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