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Family to get new fridge after calling 12 On Your Side

The family says the $1500+ fridge stopped working shortly after they bought it. (Source: NBC12) The family says the $1500+ fridge stopped working shortly after they bought it. (Source: NBC12)

A New Kent family has been struggling without a refrigerator for more than a month. Their new refrigerator broke down, and they've been using coolers and ice ever since. 

Now the company is stepping up and do the right thing after the family called 12 On Your Side.

NBC12’s Eric Philips met with Toni Burrell at her brand new New Kent home she shares with her husband and three children, including a seven-month-old little girl.

NBC12 aired her story last Wednesday, the next day Burrell says she got a call from LG's review authorization department saying they'd been approved for a replacement refrigerator.

"And that we would receive within five business days, a phone call from Best Buy with a confirmation number that they would give us, and at that point we would be able to contact the local store and be able to go in there and get a replacement refrigerator.  So we are in that time frame now. We really appreciate you all and the work that you did with this," Burrell said.

Now the family including three children has hope that they'll soon be able to remove the coolers from their kitchen.  

"We are very encouraged by the progress that has been made thus far, it's unfortunate that it has taken all of this," Burrell said.

The family bought their home in October of last year and simultaneously paid more than $1,500 for a brand new stainless steel LG refrigerator.

"And we thought we were getting the top-of-the-line refrigerator to go along with our new home and new appliances, and we were very excited about the purchase,” Burrell said.

Fast forward eight months to Sunday morning, June 3 - it just conked out. Despite the fact that the appliance is still under manufacturer's warranty, 
the family has been without a refrigerator ever since - relying on coolers.

"Having to go to the grocery story every day, having to make sure we have ice for the coolers,” Burrell said. “We take food over to my parents house."

Nursing an infant makes it even more complicated.

"With the breast milk, we have to make other arrangements to take it to my parents house, and then when we're going out somewhere, we have to make an extra stop by my parent's house to get the milk,” Burrell said.

So what's the hold up? The family called LG when the fridge first failed. A technician came that week but was unable to fix the problem.

The family says they heard nothing from LG after that, so they reached out again. A second tech came over and was also unsuccessful., so the family called LG again.

Three more appointments were made for repairs, Burrell says. Three times in a row, no technician showed up.

"They want their money when you make your purchase, but the service that you receive after, that we've received, has been horrible,” Burrell said.

During one of many conversations, Burrell says a service supervisor told her the company had not reached its limit in trying to repair the appliance.

"[They] would have up to seven times to try to repair before [they] would replace it," Burrell said. “I think that is absolutely ridiculous."

Friday, July 6 was the last time technicians finally showed up at the house. That time they said it was the refrigerator door causing the problem, and they'd order and install another one.

Fed up, Burrell called 12 On Your Side.

"I'm concerned that even if someone is able to repair it, that we may have the same issue all over in the not-too-distant future,” Burrell said.

Philips reached out to LG's corporate office and explained the situation in detail. Company reps did not respond to his emails, but within hours they contacted the family saying the company is now considering either replacing the refrigerator or refunding their money.  

"I would definitely like to have a replaced refrigerator, versus a repaired refrigerator,” Burrell said. "They say that 'life is good with LG,' but it definitely has not been that case for us."

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