DIY Projects: When you should actually use a professional

DIY Projects: When you should actually use a professional

(WWBT) - If you're handy or looking to save money, you may decide to tackle a home project yourself! But there are certain things really best left to the professionals.

It's one thing to try to unplug a clogged drain, and something else entirely to try to replace pipe fittings or install a new water heater by yourself. Not only can those jobs be dangerous, but even minor leaks can create a major problem with mold and more.

The same goes for electrical work.

Yes, you can probably install that dimmer switch yourself, but rather than risk injury or a fire - hire a licensed electrician for the bigger wiring jobs.

Tiling a backsplash is a reasonable DIY job if you're patient and careful. However, first-timers may not want to try to tackle tiling an entire floor by themselves.

Despite all of those DIY shows that make demolition look fun, you should never knock out a wall unless you're absolutely sure it isn't essential. A contractor can help you figure that out.

With these sorts of jobs, it pays to hire a recommended professional to do the work first. That way you don't have to pay them even more money to fix your DIY attempt later.

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