Apartment tenants told to get out by Richmond, due to lack of water

Apartment tenants told to get out by Richmond, due to lack of water

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - People living in a South Richmond apartment complex called 12 On Your Side, worried they will be homeless in just a matter of hours. They say the problem has nothing to do with them.

The City of Richmond placed notices on doors at the "Chateau de Ville" apartments on Wednesday, telling neighbors they have to be out by 8 a.m. Thursday, because many of the units have no running water.

Neighbors say they first noticed low water pressure on Monday. Two days later, many are complaining of no water at all, and some say they don't have gas either.

On top of that, they may soon have no place to live.

"We need help," says Fannie Dunn, a resident of the complex.

Multiple neighbors say they are having the same issue.

"We called Channel 12 for some help," said Chateau de Ville resident, Rosa Valentin.

They need help because they are dealing with "No water, no gas," according to Valentin.

Fannie Dunn had just returned from the doctor.

"I figured they would probably fix it by that night," says Dunn. "Come Tuesday, they hadn't fixed it and today."

Three days later, there is no fix and no answers why.

"It was suggested to the tenants to call Channel 12 to see if we could  expedite this," says Valentin.

NBC12 decided to get involved - and so did the City of Richmond. They left a letter on resident's doors Wednesday telling neighbors Chateau de Ville is deemed unfit to live in, and tenants have to go somewhere else.

The letter states: "These measures are being implemented to ensure the health and well being of the residents...The relocation responsibility is that of the property and not the city of Richmond."

"I paid my rent. I paid bills. I have to buy medications, which I have to be on for a year and have to take everyday," said Dunn. "I can't afford to go anywhere."

"They did give me a list of apartments, but who has the extra money?" says Valentin.

NBC12 spent the latter part of the afternoon trying to get in touch with property owners, but there was no answer by phone or at the door of the leasing office.

The apartment complex has placed portable bathrooms outside for residents. Later in the afternoon, there were work crews on the scene.

Neighbors say they never thought it would come to this.

"It's not real. It's something that shouldn't happen to anyone," says Valentin.

"I just had a heart attack," says Dunn. "I'm trying not to upset myself by being in a stressful situation."

NBC12 received an update late Wednesday night from neighbors, who say the apartment complex will pay for them to stay at a local hotel for at least one night.

There is no word on when repairs will be complete.

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