Impulse buying: Tips on how to stop drunk purchases

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Alcohol and online shopping really don't mix, according to some new research.

A survey from reveals that the average American spent $448 online last year after drinking, which is nearly double the amount spent in 2016.

The top purchases for women under the influence are shoes and clothes, while men spend their money on gambling online. 

So here's how to stop: 

1. Quit using the one-click ordering! It's too easy to buy something that way.

2. Delete your credit card information from your favorite sites. That way if you're browsing after a cocktail or two, buying will mean you have to go find your wallet, retrieve your card and type everything in again. That may be enough of a hassle to just give up on that purchase.

3. If you have your favorite retail sites bookmarked on your computer or phone - unmark them. Or, if you need to make things even harder, block that website through your browser.

4. If you have shopping apps on your phone, delete those, too!

Drinking lowers inhibition, so taking a few steps while you're sober to keep yourself from making bad, expensive decisions will help keep your bank account intact.