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You can own this castle in Georgia for less than $1 million

(RNN) - You can own a castle and you don’t even need to be from a noble European family.

You don’t need an army of knights. You don’t even need $1,000,000.

A 57,000-square foot castle is listed for sale in Menlo, GA. It’ll only cost you $999,999.

The seller cut $500,001 from the asking price last month.

Even so, if that price tag feels too steep, fear not. It’s been on the market for more than 1,000 days so don’t be afraid to go in low.

At 30 bedrooms and 15 bathrooms, you’ll have plenty of room for your immediate and extended family.

The property was built in 2006 but hasn't been finished yet. On the bright side, the listing claims the material needed to finish it are already on site.

The seller boasts about the potential for the castle to be developed into something grand like a resort, golf club or simply a medieval castle.

“Imagine a wedding chapel, grand ballroom and dining hall - it even has a dungeon,” the listing reads.

But if using the land to turn a profit isn't really your thing, then do you. Name your castle and style yourself as the lord or lady of it.

Design a coat of arms and display it on banners around the property. Dig a moat, or pay someone to do it for you.

Establish it as your family's seat.

Have fun with it. Live a little. Party like it's 1299.

Menlo sits in cozy space in Georgia that is about 90 minutes from Atlanta and Birmingham, AL and two hours from Nashville, TN.

Getting to Chattanooga, TN would only take about an hour.

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