When booking a trip, discount sites might not be the best option

Know what you're getting from travel discount sites

(WWBT) - You don't have to break the bank to book a great summer vacation.

Most of us now book our plane tickets and hotel reservations online, but before you do, keep a few money-saving secrets in mind.

First, you need to know that travel-booking websites, like many others, use cookies. That means they track your activity on the site. So, if they see that you've checked out a flight to Hawaii 10 times, you may not get the rock-bottom price.

The experts say sites may also display higher prices to Mac users, so it's worth your while to check prices from a few different devices or make sure to clear cookies and check again.

Many travel sites push packages as a way to help you save money.

They say booking your flight, hotel and car could save you a bundle. But before you jump at that deal, look a little closer.

Travel experts say those package deals often include travel no one really wants, like flights with several layovers.

Look over all the components carefully. You also can't always believe everything you see on the deal listings. Pictures on the travel sites may look different from the room you actually book. They may also not have updated information about renovations.

It's always better to call the hotel directly and ask any questions you may have.

Research from Cheapair.com finds the best time to book a summer trip in terms of price is 47 days out for domestic flights and 60 days out for international ones.

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