Goodwill photo mystery solved: Photos returned to family

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - A Goodwill mystery has been solved after a woman found a few family photos during a recent purchase.

Jeannette Gay, of Mechanicsville, contacted NBC12 on Facebook last week about photos they found inside a box at Goodwill.

Gay said she had dropped of a donation at the Goodwill location at 10231 Washington Highway on Route 1 when she and her friend decided to pop inside to take a look around.

"I stumbled across this super cute little gift box that [kind of] looks like a piece of luggage," she added.

What she didn't expect was the surprise inside the box.

"I opened it up and inside was a card," Gay said. "I saw it was a Mother's Day card and then photographs slipped out."

Two photos were inside.

Here's one of them:

About a week later, Gay says she was able to get in contact with family members in the photos and was able to return them.

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