Minnesota students drive tractor to school

Minnesota students drive tractor to school
Seniors in one Minnesota town get to drive tractors on their last day of school. (Source: NBC)

(WWBT/NBC) - Seniors in one Minnesota town carried on with their end of the school year tradition by driving their tractors to school.

It's a tradition for the "farm kids" that's been around now for eight years. Anyone can take part, but it falls on the senior's last day of class before graduation.

The Future Farmers of America chapter organizes the event.

The tradition reflects the pride of the area's agricultural roots.

"All these old tractors have a story to say. And it means something to the kid because it probably was their grandpa's or their uncle's or whatever so it has a lot of meaning for the kids and that's a really unique thing about it," said Bill Rinkenberger, Future Farmers of America advisor.

The caravan also passes by a senior care center to put a smile on residents' faces.

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