'He had a life ahead of him': 5 years since unsolved Chesterfield murder

'He had a life ahead of him': 5 years since unsolved Chesterfield murder
Matthew McDaniel was walking home in May 2013 when he was shot to death. (Source: Chesterfield Police)

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - May 11, 2018 marks five years since a soon-to-be high school graduate was gunned down a block away from his Chesterfield home.

Matthew McDaniel's father says it hurts every day to think about his son and the life he wishes he could have had.

"He had his whole life ahead of him," said Johnny McDaniel.

The 19-year-old went to Meadowbrook High School. His family says he was leaving a graduation party and heading home when he was shot and killed. Police say a good Samaritan tried to revive Matthew when he was found on Pembroke Street. A cross is still firmly planted to honor Matthew.

"Every single day, I look at my son's picture and I cry, and I wish it was me and not him," said McDaniel, "I miss him so much. He didn't deserve what happened to him."

Over the years, McDaniel has worked closely with Chesterfield Police, even canvassing the neighborhood asking the community to help find his son's killer.

"He had no right taking my son's life. He had no right pulling a gun on my son. I can only imagine the fear my son had," he said.

Investigators say they have not stopped working on McDaniel's case, and they hope another call to the community will encourage someone to come forward with valuable information.

"We feel with the community being so small, someone has information they have yet to provide," said Sgt. Kevin Helton.

Sgt. Helton says no tip is insignificant. Their ultimate goal is to get closer to not just catching a killer, but bringing closure to McDaniel's still grieving family.

"The only closure a family can get is to find out the truth of what really happened, and that's what we're trying to seek here," said Sgt. Helton.

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