RESTAURANT REPORT: Multiple violations, fridges not working properly

RESTAURANT REPORT: Multiple violations, fridges not working properly

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - Two restaurants had high numbers of violations - both including fridges that weren't keeping food cold enough, according to their last health inspection reports.

Natalie's Taste of Lebanon at 3601 Cox Road in Henrico had six priority violations, five priority foundation, and one core violation on its last health inspection.

Violations included an employee failing to wash their hands before food preparation, several containers of food past their expiration dates, and a walk-in cooler that was struggling to hold foods at the required 41 degrees.

The report says a service technician was called and five other violations were corrected right away, but we wanted to know about the others, so we stopped by.

The manager later invited our camera into the kitchen and told us by phone that everything has been corrected. He says he now personally checks the kitchen each morning to make sure things are done right, and they keep more food in the fridge right up until they're about to be cooked and served.

Plaza Azteca Mexican Restaurant at 10099 Brook Road in Glen Allen had six priority violations, plus four priority foundation and six core violations.

The report says an employee failed to wash their hands after handling raw meat and before touching clean dishes, foods were not being kept cold enough in a prep unit, and three week old salsa was still in the fridge.

Eight violations were corrected during the inspection, but when the inspector returned days later, there were still eight other violations.

Another two weeks after that, everything was fixed, except the prep unit was still not keeping food cold enough and they were told to get it fixed.

The manager told us by phone they got a new prep unit and made several changes in the kitchen to ensure proper procedures are followed.

We simply had to give our NBC12 Hall of Fame Award to My Cafe at 804 Moorefield Park Drive in Chesterfield after it earned perfect scores on five health inspections in a row. Karen Torey runs this cafe and catering operation that serves breakfast and lunch on a first name basis.

"My food is made with a lot of love," said Torey. "I like making the food to order, everything's fresh, we never fry. When you walk in the door, I feel like you should know me and I should know you."

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