Planning a budget helps cover daycare expenses

Planning a budget helps cover daycare expenses
Affording daycare is all about the budget. (Source: Pixabay)

(WWBT) - Parenting is full of surprises and one of the biggest is child care costs.

For the year, you might spend more on daycare than on your mortgage. In some states, it costs less to send a child to college than it does to pay for daycare.

So, how can you make it more affordable?

The first step is to know your budget and decide what you can reasonably set aside each week from your paycheck to pay for daycare. Then research different licensed facilities to see what they cost and what is included.

Many daycares include food, diapers and even wet wipes in the weekly price.

The Virginia Department of Social Services also provides some subsidized funding for daycare based on income level.

It's also important not to forget the childcare tax credit.

If your employer offers flexible spending accounts for childcare, you might want to take advantage of it because it lowers your taxes initially and use can use that FSA account to make daycare payments.

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