White lion cubs now on exhibit at Metro Richmond Zoo

Mama and babies. (Source: Metro Richmond Zoo)
Mama and babies. (Source: Metro Richmond Zoo)

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - You can now go see the three white lion cubs at the Metro Richmond Zoo.

The cubs - one male and two female - were born to Xonga, a first-time mother. The zoo said all four lions are in good health.

The cubs spent two months with their mother inside a private den, allowing them to learn to walk, play, gain strength and mom and babies to bond.

While the cubs continue to nurse, they have started to eat meat. Lion cubs are not fully weaned until they are 6 months old.

The white lions will reach maturity at 3-4 years old. Males begin to grow fuzz around their neck at 1-year-old.

Xonga, 3, mated with Basa. White lions are the result of a recessive gene that must be present in both parents. It is known as being leucistic.

Until the cubs are introduced to their father, they currently rotate in the exhibit. Xonga and the cubs are usually outside in the mornings.

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