Steps to take to prepare for your travels

Steps to take to prepare for your travels
Make sure to check your flight reservations before you travel. (Source: NBC12)

(WWBT) - The day before a trip is always a little chaotic, especially if you have to get your kids organized, too. But adding four quick tasks to your list could make for a much smoother vacation.

The top thing on the list is to make a quick call to your credit card company to let them know you are traveling. That way, when you try to use your card in a place far from home, the transaction will not be flagged as fraud and denied.

Another day-before task is to double-check and confirm all your reservations - check your flights, car rental, restaurants, and anything else you set up ahead of time.

It is also a good idea to print out a hard copy of those reservations, just in case you have trouble finding them on your phone.

It is also wise to double-check the weather forecast for your destination. Seeing that it will be much warmer, cooler, or rainier than you thought, may mean that you should pack different clothing.

The night before the trip, take a few minutes and go through your fridge and clean out anything that will spoil while you are gone.

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