Secrets of IKEA: What to know when shopping there

Secrets of IKEA: What to know when shopping there

(WWBT) - IKEA has a few perks and secrets that can make shopping there much more pleasant.

There isn't an IKEA store in Richmond, but that doesn't stop many people from the area from driving to Washington, DC, to visit the store.

IKEA stores are huge and are frequently busy - especially on weekends - but there are some tips to follow that can make shopping enjoyable.

Signing up for the IKEA Family loyalty program means you get free coffee or tea during each visit to the store, but it also comes with some discounts at IKEA's restaurant and Swedish food shop. There are also some special sales that are only for Family members.

Enrolling in the program also means 90 days worth of price protection. That means if the price of the item you purchased drops within 90 days of when you bought it, IKEA will refund the difference.

IKEA stores also have shortcuts, so you don't have to follow the arrows on the floor. Grab a map of the store on your way in, and it will show where those shortcuts can be found.

IKEA also lets you buy your item online and pick it up in a store. There's a $5 fee for that service, but it cuts out the delivery charge and waiting in the checkout line, which can be long.

Parents will be pleased to know that family bathrooms in IKEA stores are stocked with free diapers.

And don't leave an IKEA store without checking out the "as-is" section, which is close to the checkout lanes. That's where the biggest discounts can found, but the items do have a little wear and tear on them, so be careful.

If you don't see something you like there, ask employees when they re-stock the "as-is" section so you'll know when to look for the best items before other people can get to them.

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