RESTAURANT REPORT: Live and dead roaches in kitchen

RESTAURANT REPORT: Live and dead roaches in kitchen
Source: NBC12

(WWBT) - High numbers of violations for two local eateries in tonight's Restaurant Report. Inspection reports show a breakfast place had some roaches and a take-out restaurant had cleaning issues.

We went first to the Chinese take-out restaurant, where the inspector wrote that different raw meats were placed in the same bowl. The new owner says all the problems have been fixed and things will be done right now that she's taken over.

Hong Kong Chinese Restaurant at 2904 Turner Road in Chesterfield had six priority violations, plus six priority foundation and three core violations on its last inspection. We met Ada Lin, who explained she had just bought the restaurant when it was inspected.

"Twenty days [ago]...I just got the restaurant from the owner," said Lin.

Lin says she has already made sure everything has been corrected, including retraining an employee that handled cooked noodles with bare hands.

"We use gloves. We have one there, two in the kitchen," she said, pointing out their boxes of gloves.

She says she's made sure raw meats are kept separate.

"We have the first, the chicken on the bottom, and the beef in the middle, and the top one we put the fish. And that one we put the cooked food," she explained about meat being held in separate containers. "Yes, separate, not put together."

When the inspector returned four days later, the report shows everything was corrected for a perfect score.

"I really don't want any mistakes about my customers. I really care about food quality," said Lin.

In Henrico, Aunt Sarah's at 9010 Brook Road had six priority violations, two priority foundation, and ten core violations on its last inspection.

The report says there was a live roach in the kitchen and traps filled with dead roaches, sausage links and patties had to be thrown out because they weren't kept hot enough, and the floors and equipment needed cleaning.

When the inspector returned two months later, the inspector noted there were still ten repeated violations, including dead roaches.

Aunt Sarah's manager told us by phone that everything has now been corrected and they did a "massive cleanup and repainting." He says they called the inspector to come back and do a check-up today.

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