'Rock Rule' says when the river is high, you better stay dry

'Rock Rule' says when the river is high, you better stay dry
The James River. (Source: NBC12)

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - With the heavy rain throughout the state, the James River is nearing flood stage.

The Richmond Ambulance Authority tweeted out a reminder about the "rock rule." It says when the rocks are smaller the river is rising.

It's not that the rocks are actually smaller, it's that there is more water covering them up making them look smaller, which means the water is deeper and more dangerous to venture into.

"Prevention is better than cure," the Ambulance Authority tweeted.

But while that's a good reminder, it lacks a certain sing-song quality to help you remember to be safe. For that, you have to turn to your creativity with the English language for such gems as "when the rocks are hiding, be good at deciding."

OK, so they're not all going to be winners.

But there are a few that have potential like "If you can't see the rocks, stay on the docks" and "when the James is a-flowin', don't go a-rowin'."

Some other potential options:

When the river is high, you better stay dry.

While the James is muddy, it's not your buddy.

And the unnecessarily morbid "when the river is brown, you're going to drown."

All of this is to say don't go in the water unless you're certain it's safe to do so.

Because when the current is strong, you won't be out there long.

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