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Chesterfield woman stitches quilt for Parkland, FL after school shooting

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Janice Williams (Source: NBC12) Janice Williams (Source: NBC12)
Source: NBC12 Source: NBC12

Think for a moment about everything you own inside your house right now. It's possible the place you lay your head each night knows you best.

"After a long day, they go down to rest, and whatever they take with them to rest, it falls upon their pillow case," Janice Williams said.

Laughs with the one you love, conversations with the one you worship, the tears no one else will ever see. The pillow case, Williams says, is the most intimate thing we own. She’s washing pillow cases and ironing them as she explains what she’s working on.

Dozens of pillow cases were donated from friends, businesses and strangers from around the world.

"My husband’s pliers come in handy, because that's the only way I can pull the needle through," Williams said as she knitted pillow cases together.

It's a lot of work! Stitching together the fabric that's worn our every emotion, into a quilt - big enough to wrap around the Parkland, Florida community who, on Feb. 14, became the latest national tragedy when a man shot and killed 17 people inside of Stoneman Douglas High School.

"We watched it on the news. Ya know, it was on the news all day, but the Lord just spoke to me and said there has to be a better way," said Williams.

The quilt can't block out the evil in the world, but it's not meant to. It's meant to embrace the students with love and comfort.

"This is a comfort. A blanket is a comfort. When we get up on the sofa and when we get on our bed and I want them to feel that journey, I want them to feel that love that's coming from everybody else's home," said Williams.

So each night, she works. She estimates at least 50 hours with the current needle she’s holding.

"I refuse to use a sewing machine. I never have, and I probably wouldn't even know how to use one," she says through a laugh.

Stitch by stitch, Janice pulls tokens from households around the world tightly together - gearing up for what's next.

"Once we are finished, this will be the size of a king-sized blanket, and we will present it to the school," said Williams.

Stoneman Douglas High School invited her down to Parkland, where she'll present the quilt - pieces of our homes that know us best.

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