Facebook quizzes harbor secrets that can cause harm

Facebook quizzes harbor secrets that can cause harm

(WWBT) - Facebook is taking an unusual step of letting its users know if their data was among those that were compromised.

As Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg heads to Washington, DC, to face questions from lawmakers this week, the company has begun notifying users if they're among the 87 million whose personal data may have been harvested by political consulting firm Cambridge Analytica.

The breach occurred through some of the many quizzes Facebook users take to determine their personality types and various other novelty classifications, such as "which 'Friends' character are you?" or which house from "Harry Potter" you belong in.

If you're worried about where your private information goes, then determining which breed of dog you are or which state you should actually be living in is not a good idea.

They are fun to take and seem innocuous, but those quizzes could actually be serious threats to your privacy and your computer.

According to the Better Business Bureau, a lot of those Facebook apps are actually developed specifically to trick you into revealing personal information or to make you click a link that will download malware to your computer. That malware cold record keystrokes and provide thieves with your passwords and other sensitive information.

Many of the quizzes require users to give that app permission to pull your profile information, as well as photos and friends' info, and much more.

Your safest bet is to block them, and never click on any of those quizzes when they are shared by your friends.

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