Creativity, planning go long way to saving on entertainment

Creativity, planning go long way to saving on entertainment
Deals on tickets to show and attractions can be found with a little effort. (Source: Pixabay)

(WWBT) - Cutting back on how you have fun is never fun.

The average American family spends about $3,000, or close to 5 percent of their budget, every year on entertainment.

You can cut back on entertainment spending and still have a good time, but it will take some creativity and planning.

If there is a new restaurant you want to try, go for lunch instead of dinner. If eating out is part of your regular routine, cut back a night or two and track deals at your favorite restaurants such as half-price burger nights or kids eat free promotions.

Following those restaurants on social media will also likely score some coupons or discounts as well.

For trips to the theater, preview performances or last-minute tickets for unsold seats can be found for lower prices. Call the box office during non-peak hours and ask how you can find the best deals.

Another way to save on food expenses is to organize pot luck dinners with friends instead of eating out. You can still enjoy good food and the company without paying a costly restaurant bill

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