Spring cleaning doesn't have to clean out your wallet

Spring cleaning doesn't have to clean out your wallet
There are many ways to save on cleaning supplies for your home. (Source: Pixabay)

(WWBT) - If it's time for a little spring cleaning around your house, don't get too bogged down with buying cleaning supplies.

There are plenty of ways to get your house looking its best without spending large amounts of money.

If you need a new vacuum cleaner, this is a good time to buy. But don't invest a few hundred dollars or more without looking for discounts and shopping around.

Price comparison apps like Google Shopping or Shop Savvy will compare the lowest prices. You can also look for coupons to make the deal even better. Manufacturers and retailers often run specials on vacuums in the spring. Bed, Bath and Beyond, Best Buy, Amazon and Home Depot are all running appliance sales.

Before buying organizing products, do some de-cluttering.

Sort the stuff you don't need into piles that can be sold or donated. The big stuff can be sold on Craigslist or at a garage sale.

Collectibles can be sold on eBay, but make sure to have any potentially valuable stuff appraised first.

Retailers also have special offers that may come with signing up for something like an email list. The Container Store offers a 15 percent off coupon for joining its rewards program.

A expensive cleaning products aren't always worth the price.

For many cleaning purposes, online recipes can be found using things like baking soda or vinegar that are much cheaper. And rather that paying a premium for cleaning products, buy them at a dollar store.

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