Lupus patient thanks 'Retreat' for getting her back to work

Lupus patient thanks 'Retreat' for getting her back to work
Retreat Doctors’ Hospital provides patients with expert wound care and complex care services. (Source: HCA VA)

Retreat Doctors' Hospital provides patients with expert wound care and complex care services. Both the Center for Wound Healing and Complex Care have comprehensive programs that combine modern technology and a team of highly-trained healthcare professionals to help coordinate the appropriate level of care for each patient.

From treating a wide range of chronic, recurrent, non-healing and acute wounds, to treating catastrophic or multi-trauma injuries, multi-disciplinary care teams work together to develop individualized care plans for each patient along their journey to recovery.

When Krystal was diagnosed with Lupus in 2015, she had severe ulcer wounds on her ankles, legs and arms.

Initially, Krystal walked into Retreat Doctors' Hospital as an outpatient, working with the wound care team and hydrotherapy team to treat her ulcers. With over 70 percent of her body covered in open wounds, Krystal could barely hold her head up; it became clear that she needed inpatient complex care treatment and she began her care at Retreat in July of 2017.

"I received wound care and physical therapy daily," said Krystal. "Being in the inpatient complex care unit has helped tremendously. I had to start from day one, learning how to stand, talk, eat, and walk again. This team walked me through that process and helped me get back on my feet."

Complex Care uses an interdisciplinary approach, stabilizing patients medically while providing physical, occupational and speech therapies at a level that is best suited to the patient's overall condition. As a result, patients have a less traumatic recovery and rehabilitation.

"Having continuous, around the clock care from the Complex Care team has been nothing short of wonderful," said Krystal. "I'm getting stronger each day thanks to the team at Retreat. They always have a smile on their face and they know how to encourage you to keep going."

Krystal was released from Complex Care right before Christmas and is now receiving outpatient therapy three times a week at Retreat. Last week, Krystal returned to work and has the Wound Healing and Complex Care team to thank for giving her that opportunity back.

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