HCA Neighborhood Health Watch: Stuffy nose solutions

HCA Neighborhood Health Watch: Stuffy nose solutions

(WWBT) - Best ways to clear a stuffy nose is the topic today in Neighborhood Health Watch.

We all have been desperate for stuffy nose relief at one time or another. Your nose drips. Your voice sounds funny and just when you want to blow your nose to breathe again nothing comes out.  Allergens are a trigger this time of year.

People who suffer with chronic stuffy nose may have a problem with the lining of their nose or the structure of their nose. Dr. Robert Schmidt with Chippenham-Johnston Willis Hospitals says there are surgical and non-surgical solutions.

"Those of us who have a problem with the lining of the nose, we can talk about nose sprays or allergy pills. Sometimes, you can get desensitized to whatever is doing it," said Dr. Schmidt. "Now, for those of us who have a structural problem, we check to see if you have a deviated septum. The septum is the wall that divides the sides of your nose and the surgery for that is called a septoplasty."

"How do you know when you may be a candidate for surgery? The best way to do it is to come to somebody like me to get an exam of the inside and outside of your nose. We can determine if medicine is the best for you, or do we need to talk about a septoplasty or even a rhinoplasty."

Dr. Schmidt also talks about a "myth" when it comes to having your septum straightened. He says there's no excruciating pain, you breathe again and you're back to work in a few days.

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