How often should you wash clothes?

How often should you wash clothes?

(WWBT) - Washing clothes too often breaks down the fabric and makes them fade long before they should.

You probably don't need to wash clothes as often as you think.

If you work in an air conditioned office, work clothes like a suit or dress can probably be worn five or six times before it needs to be cleaned, assuming there are no spills or stains.

No matter the garment, always follow the instructions on the label.

Blouses, tops and T-shirts should be washed after being worn once. Wearing an undershirt might buy you an extra day.

One trick to keeping shirts in good shape is to not overdo the deodorant. The residue can discolor and damage fabric.

Underwear should also be washed after each time its worn.

To keep lingerie in good shape, wash it in a mesh bag on the delicate cycle and dry it on a rack.

Anything that you wear while sweating, such as workout clothes, should be washed immediately. It's a good idea to throw your gym bag in the washing machine about once a month too.

Tight-fitting jeans should be washed about every fourth or fifth time they're worn, which will help them keep their shape. Turning dark jeans inside out can help keep them from fading.

Matching pairs, like a jacket and pants or a skirt should be cleaned together to prevent one from fading differently than the other.

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