Manufacturer replaces torn $3,600 mattress after couple calls 12

Manufacturer replaces torn $3,600 mattress after couple calls 12

MECHANICSVILLE, VA (WWBT) - One of the top reasons for returning a mattress is lack of comfort - but in this case, it's a damaged mattress and a dispute over who did it.

A Mechanicsville couple called 12 On Your Side for help. We sought out both sides and have ways to keep a disagreement like this from destroying your sleep.

The husband and wife couple said they didn't cause the tears and refused to pay any more money. Sharon Cousteau, the owner of "Bed Corner" in Mechanicsville said the couple damaged the mattress when they moved the mattress after the delivery crew left, but the store owner said she was willing to give them a new mattress - if they filled out paperwork and paid a delivery fee.

"She said, 'well, I've been waiting for you to come in and sign the papers.' I said, 'what papers?' She said, 'for you to sign and agree to pay for us to pick up and redeliver.' I said, 'Sharon, I'm not paying any more money. I said we didn't tear the mattress, and I'm not paying any more money.'"

Terry Hendrickson claims the first time he reported the mattress tears, he and his wife were told to buy liquid thread because they had damaged the mattress, not the delivery crew.

"One tear is six to eight inches, and the other is bigger," said Hendrickson. "I don't know, it could have been a box cutter or they could have ripped it when they were pushing and pulling. I don't know, but what I do know is that it will continue to tear over time, and we are going to be stuck with it unless something is settled."

Hendrickson admits he did move the mattress but said that's irrelevant, because the damage occurred during delivery.

"When I called her that day, the first time she said, 'Well you all tore it.' I said, 'Sharon, we did not tear this mattress, and even if we had, who would want it - the first time you touch it to move it, it's going to tear."

The couple disputed the sale of the nearly $3,600 adjustable base and new mattress set with the finance company, which in turn instructed them to stop paying until it could investigate.

Months later, the couple is resting well with the dispute finally resolved. The new mattress delivery went off without a hitch. Diana Hendrickson and her husband say they inspected every inch of it and they are now happy customers.

"Oh yes, every inch of it, every inch. Everything looked good," said Diana Hendrickson. "We checked the label on it and made sure it was the right mattress. They were good. They didn't ram it like the first people did. They were careful."

While the Hendricksons believe the mattress was damaged during the first delivery, Cousteau has always maintained the customers caused the tears when they moved the mattress by its handles.

"That we lifted the mattress with those handles and that's going to tear the mattress? You know, I might could see that with a $200 mattress, but when you pay $2,000 for a mattress, who would want it?"

An agreement was finally reached between the two. Simmons, the manufacturer, provided the couple with a brand new mattress at no cost to them or Bed Corner.

The Hendricksons agreed to pay the delivery men $60. Bed Corner scheduled delivery and carried it out April 25.

"Oh Lord, had it not been for 12 On Your Side and Diane taking an interest in it, we would still probably have the same mattress up there still going through the process. It is brand new. It's not ripped. It's good. It sleeps well."

Cousteau says she's been in business 20 years and has a five-star business. She says it wasn't a good experience for her either. She still maintains the customers caused the tears and says she's glad they reached an agreement and it's over.

Returning a mattress under normal circumstances can be difficult, so know the store's return and exchange policies upfront.

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