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Couple calls 12, claims $3,600 mattress was ripped when delivered

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One of the top reasons for returning a mattress is lack of comfort - but in this case, it's a damaged mattress and a dispute over who did it.

A Mechanicsville couple called 12 On Your Side for help. We sought out both sides and have ways to keep a disagreement like this from destroying your sleep.

The husband and wife couple say they didn't cause the tears and refuse to pay any more money. The owner of "Bed Corner" in Mechanicsville says the couple damaged the mattress when they moved the mattress after the delivery crew left, but the store owner says she's willing to give them a new mattress - if they fill out paperwork and pay a delivery fee.

Terry Hendrickson claims the first time he reported the mattress tears, he and his wife were told to buy liquid thread because they had damaged the mattress, not the delivery crew.

"One tear is six to eight inches, and the other is bigger," said Hendrickson. "I don't know, it could have been a box cutter or they could have ripped it when they were pushing and pulling. I don't know, but what I do know is that it will continue to tear over time, and we are going to be stuck with it unless something is settled."

Hendrickson admits he did move the mattress but says that's irrelevant, because the damage occurred during delivery.

"When I called her that day, the first time she said, 'Well you all tore it.' I said, 'Sharon, we did not tear this mattress, and even if we had, who would want it - the first time you touch it to move it, it's going to tear."

The couple disputed the sale of the nearly $3,600 mattress with the finance company, which in turn instructed them to stop paying until it could investigate.

Since then, Bed Corner owner  Sharon Cousteau says she has agreed to give them a new mattress and says the customers won't come into the store and pay a delivery fee.

“She said, 'well, I've been waiting for you to come in and sign the papers.' I said, 'what papers?' She said, 'for you to sign and agree to pay for us to pick up and redeliver.' I said, 'Sharon, I'm not paying any more money. I said we didn't tear the mattress, and I'm not paying any more money.'"

Returning a mattress under normal circumstances can be difficult, so know the store's return and exchange policies upfront. In this case, the couple says they have a 10-year warranty and they took steps to protect that warranty with a protective mattress cover. They also say they reported the tears the same day the mattress was delivered.

The Hendrickson’s want their money back, since it appears they won’t be getting a mattress without signing papers and paying a delivery fee.

"As far as comfort, the mattress is comfortable, but I don't want it like this. Knowing that it's torn and all we've had to go through," said Hendrickson.

Cousteau says she's been in business 20 years and she's a five-star business. She maintains the new mattress will be ordered if they pay for delivery and sign papers.

The couple says the owner wants them to tell the finance company that the issue is settled - which they are not willing to do, until they get the mattress and free delivery.

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