St. Jude Dream Home Giveaway: A day at the hospital

(WWBT) - They say amazing things happen at St. Jude - things Karla Redditte and Sarah Bloom had the chance to see first hand at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis.

"We both knew they did amazing things," said Bloom. "But when you walk those halls and see the incredible work this hospital does, that's when you really know it's something special."

St. Jude operates on a $2.6 million a day budget and treats 7,800 patients a year. That's why your help is so important!

Walking the halls, it would be easy to expect sadness, fear and desperation. And as children fight for survival, those feelings surely exist at St. Jude.

But, the overwhelming feeling you experience is hope.

In the colorful painted walls and smiles of the staff - there is hope - hope that there is a cure.

In the red wagons that replace wheel chairs, at the on-site schools and in the children's play areas, there is hope that there will be a breakthrough and that childhood will continue.

And in working here, hope that "No child should die in the dawn of life."

Those are words once spoken by St. Jude's visionary, Danny Thomas as he started the hospital to battle hopeless causes children face, starting with leukemia.

Thomas believed firmly that no family should have to pay a bill for medical care, transportation or treatment. He wanted them to focus solely on the care of their child.

At the hospital today, rubbing Danny's nose is good luck.

Inside, the hospital is filled with families counting on the hope, pharmacists tailoring medication to save lives, doctors working hard to find answers and sharing those answers with the world and so many stories - including chefs making specific meals to make life comfortable and help a child get well.

Sarah and Karla left Memphis with smiles and hope - about what St. Jude means, and how we can all help support it, starting with our Dream Home Giveaway. Get your ticket today!

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