VDOT crews will monitor, treat icy roads Monday morning

VDOT crews will monitor, treat icy roads Monday morning
Crews will treat roads as needed with sand and salt. (Source: VDOT)

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Across Virginia, but especially to the west, Virginia Department of Transportation crews will be coming in as early as midnight to keep a close watch on the roads.

It's certainly not what many of residents were hoping for with little over a week until spring officially begins. Those 70 and 80 degree days last month offered a taste of warmer weather.

"I got a little bit teased with it being 70 degrees," said Tammi Lore, whose morning commute is about 20 minutes. "And then all of a sudden, it's going back into the 30s … Hopefully, it's going to be a little bit better than we expect. But if not, we'll just take extra precaution."

Crews will also be on standby for Monday night and Tuesday morning as refreezing due to low overnight temperatures could become a hazard. They'll monitor road temperatures with sensors across central Virginia and spread salt and sand, if necessary.

Crews cannot plow unless about two inches of precipitation accumulates, and pretreating won't work since rain is expected to precede the snow.

"It's definitely going to be dicey conditions out there," VDOT spokesperson Jessica Cowardin said. "We're going to encourage drivers just to pay extra attention, give themselves extra time to get going, extra space for other drivers."

By Monday night, Cowardin said the concern becomes any refreezing of whatever falls during the day.

"We are concerned about refreeze and black ice tomorrow night into Tuesday morning. So, we'll be out there treating with salt and sand, as needed," said Cowardin on Sunday. "Plan ahead. Check your road conditions throughout the day, as the conditions change."

"Hopefully, this is going to be the last wintry mix," added Lore.

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