Kidney Foundation honors dialysis nurse

Kidney Foundation honors dialysis nurse
Robyn Jones (Source: NBC12)

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - The National Kidney Foundation will honor four truly inspirational Virginians who have helped to save lives.

As a dialysis nurse educator at Hunter Holmes McGuire Veterans Hospital, Robyn Jones teaches patients how to battle their kidney disease.

"I really try to encourage them to be a part of the solution and not think because you have kidney disease that that's the end," said Jones, who has volunteered for 15 years at free health screenings for the National Kidney Foundation.

Her message is simple.

"Love on your kidneys, take care of your kidneys."

"A lot of people like sodas and sweet things.  All of that is not good for the body.  Drink a lot of water, exercise and take the medications the doctor prescribes," said Jones.

She gave us a tour of something she's helping to create - a new dialysis unit opening in May at McGuire Veterans Hospital, which will let them treat twice as many patients.

Jones will be honored by the National Kidney Foundation for her life's work as a patient advocate.  She leads a life inspired by caring for her aunt before she died of emphysema and kidney failure.

"My mom told me everybody ran when she got sick.  But you were the only one that ran to her.  So I think you should go to nursing school, so I think she would be proud," said Jones.

"I think she would," said Heather Sullivan.

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