Optimism can lead to bad money moves

Optimism can lead to bad money moves
Residents can chime in on Henrico's $1.3 billion plan. (Source: File photo)

(WWBT) - Optimism can be a good thing, unless it has no basis in reality.

Unfortunately too many people let their optimism lead them to make bad money moves.

A new Bankrate survey finds more Americans say they're comfortable with the amount of money they're saving than those who are uncomfortable.

Bank balances, however, tell a different story: 66 million Americans have literally nothing saved. Luckily, the fix could be as simple as setting up automatic deposits out of every check into savings.

Ask a 20-something-year-old when they'll stop working, and they'll probably tell you when they retire at age 65.

Statistics from the Feds, though, show one out in four of today's 20-year-olds will become disabled before then.

If you don't have disability insurance, look into getting it. Remember that those premiums are a lot more affordable when you're young and healthy.

While the odds you'll survive into old age are quite good, there's no guarantee, unfortunately, so it's important to have a will. Surveys show that only 44 percent of Americans have a will.

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