Convenience can be costly

Convenience can be costly

(WWBT) - Trying to squeeze in a little time savings is costing you more money.

Life feels busier than ever with home and work responsibilities competing for every second of the day. But the moves that save time, often come at a price.

If you're rushed and tired in the morning, you may have worked a daily coffee run into your routine. A $3.50 coffee fives days a week comes out to $70 per month.

The easiest way to cut into that expense is to use a programmable coffee maker at home and schedule it to make your coffee before you have to leave. They can be found for only $20 or $30.

Breakfast isn't the only meal where savings can be easily found. Prepackaged food has a mark-up as high as 50 percent and is often loaded with sodium, sugar and preservatives. Using one night a week to cook several dishes ahead of time can knock out three or four meals at once, and make preparing dinner those quick and easy by re-heating food in the microwave.

And buying what is on sale at the grocery store to make those meals leads to even more savings.

Another quick save is making sure you get cash only from ATMs that in your bank's network.

Out-of-network ATMs often charge fees that can add up quickly.

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