Looking to travel? March is a good month to book trips

Looking to travel? March is a good month to book trips
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(WWBT) - If you're hoping to travel this spring or summer booking your trip on a Thursday in March could mean big savings.

Cash-back site Ebates is running a special promotion called "Travel Thursdays" through the end of March.

Each Thursday has its own theme, like beach trips, Europe, big cities, and Disney.

On each of those Thursdays, you'll find big cashback deals on airfare to those destinations, sometimes as much as 50 percent back, as long as you book that airfare through the Ebates portal.

You can also snag up to 10 percent cash back on your hotel stay.

And you can double or even triple-dip, too, in terms of rewards.

For example, if you're a Hilton Honors rewards member and you book a stay there through Ebates, you'll be able to enter your honors number to get those points, too.

Book with a rewards credit card and you've tripled your savings.

There is some fine print.

First, you have to have an Ebates account, but it's free to set one up.

And Ebates sends out cash rebates on a quarterly basis, so you'll likely have to wait a few months to get your money.

Before you do book, make sure to check out travel deals on sites like Kayak and Orbitz, as well as the airlines' own sites.

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