Woman loses necklace carrying daughter's ashes

Woman loses necklace carrying daughter's ashes
A woman lost her necklace carrying her daughter's ashes. (Source: Chasity Foster on Facebook)

ORLANDO, FL (WWBT) - A woman reached out to Facebook after she lost something that was near and dear to her heart while she was running a race at Walt Disney World in Orlando.

Chasity Foster, of Grovetown Georgia, ran the Princess Half-Marathon at the Magic Kingdom on Sunday, and she was wearing a necklace carrying her daughter Shaylin's ashes.

Shaylin was killed in a car accident on Jan. 10, 2018. Chasity said Shaylin was signed up for the race, had her costume, and was ready to run. This year, Shaylin's father took her spot and even wore her costume.

Chasity said during the race, her necklace that contained Shaylin's ashes fell off between the entrance of the Magic Kingdom and where the princes stood. She shared a picture of the necklace on Facebook and is hoping someone will find it.

So far, the post has been shared over 8,000 times and has over 900 comments.

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