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Chesterfield needs volunteers for School Safety Task Force

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Chesterfield is taking action to ensure its schools are free of any security issues that could leave your child in danger.

On Friday, school leaders announced they're forming a School Safety Task Force to re-examine what's working and what's not. They're asking for your help.

"We wake up each day and think we live in a safe community, we live in a safe county, but the minute we take our eye off the mark, that safety can be jeopardized at any given moment. Then we've missed our target as a school board,” said member Diane Smith.

The tragedy from Parkland, Florida offers a reminder for area schools to re-visit whether they're doing enough.

"I thought 'what if this was me' first as a parent - what if this was me as a school leader?" said board member Dr. Javaid Siddiqi.

It's why Chesterfield schools will now focus on school security, student support and mental health, how students are disciplined, and how to best develop the school system's partnership with local police.

Over the past week, students and parents from all over Central Virginia have expressed concerns with these issues.

"Every day, I try to figure out what I'd do in a school shooting, when I should be figuring out the latest Calculus theorem I've been given. When I leave the classroom, I wonder where I'll hide if a shooter came to our school,” a student said to the Henrico School Board Thursday.

"At some schools, it's very easy to get buzzed in and then go where you want within the school,” a parent then chimed in.

Now Chesterfield leaders say it's time to get to work in their district.

"Something we should always have our eye on and looking to take another step further. You’re never satisfied. It's never status quo,” Smith said.

Anyone can apply to be on the school safety task force. The school system will choose representatives from each of the county's five districts.

If you are interested in joining the task force, click here to apply. They are accepting applications until March 9.

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