Tech mistakes that make you vulnerable

Tech mistakes that make you vulnerable
Source: Pixabay

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Hackers are on the rampage, finding new ways inside our lives.

From our smartphones to our home cameras and home assistants, we are making it easier for the bad guys. Smart devices make your busy life easier, but ultimately, those internet connections and cameras could also be leaving you wide open to hackers.

The web camera you use to Skype or Facetime with your family isn't hard to hack, meaning criminals somewhere else could be eavesdropping on your conversations or watching you or your kids at home.

One low-tech solution used by tech experts, including Mark Zuckerburg? A piece of tape over web cams you aren't using.

There are also apps like Oversite that warn you when someone's trying to access your web cam.

One time saver a lot of us use is staying signed in to social media accounts, whether it's Facebook, Twitter or something else. If you want to keep that shortcut, you should at least check to make sure no one else is accessing your account.

On Twitter, you can see that by going through the analytics icon. On Facebook, click on the down arrow on the upper right side, then choose settings and then security and log in.

And if you've got an Echo tower, you might want to turn off the voice purchasing feature using your Alexa app. Otherwise, security experts say, hackers might be able to get to the credit card information linked to your account.

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