NBC12 viewer gives $500 to woman with new, broken washing machine

NBC12 viewer gives $500 to woman with new, broken washing machine

MECHANICSVILLE, VA (WWBT) - Over the past few months, a Mechanicsville woman has struggled with a brand new washing machine that never worked properly.

Now she has a new replacement, and it's all thanks to a generous NBC12 viewer who was touched by our story.

"I think I hugged it a couple of times," laughed Yvette Rustin.

She is downright giddy to finally be getting a new washing machine.

"This is so blessed I tell you, so blessed," Rustin said.

Getting to this point has been quiet a journey. Her struggles began last November. She had purchased a brand new washing machine from Conns Home Plus months earlier, that she said never operated properly from the day it was delivered. After running into several brick walls, she called 12 On Your Side.

"Eric says we're not going to stop. He told me, he said we're not going to stop, we're going to keep on," Rustin said.

After that, Conns took back the washer and refunded her everything she'd paid, but she was still without a washer that she and her husband desperately needed.

That's when the story took an unexpected twist.

A viewer, who did not want to be identified, sent Yvette a $500 Lowe's gift card. She saw Rustin's story on NBC12 and asked for her contact information, which NBC12 provided with Rustin's permission.

"I appreciate her doing it, and I'm a cry baby. I cried, and she said that my story touched her and it moved her enough to do that," Yvette said.

She couldn't wait to go to Lowe's to pick out her washer. She knew which one she wanted.

All she needed was a quick tutorial, then it was time to ring it up and schedule delivery. It would all be a surprise for her husband, who took care of her for years after she was in a bad car accident. There are still many things she cannot do, but she looks forward to doing this.

"To be able to wash my husband's clothes, because for a long time, I couldn't do anything, and he had to do everything for me," Rustin said.

Last weekend, workers delivered the washer and Rustin was rolling.

"This is my new washer, going through its test mode...My new washing machine, woo woo!" Rustin said, elated.

It's an unexpected ending from an unexpected source. Rustin is thankful.

"She really has blessed me a lot," Rustin said.

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