New Google features could make shopping for flights easier

New Google features could make shopping for flights easier
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(WWBT) - Figuring out what a plane ticket will cost has gotten a lot more complicated than coach versus first class.

Airlines now charge you extra for everything from carry-ons to snacks, but those fees aren't always clear when you're comparing airfares.

New features from Google could help you figure out those prices faster.

There's a broad range of different fare classes and fees, and those vary from airline to airline.

A basic economy fare on an American flight doesn't necessarily include the same things as a basic economy fare on Delta.

"Extras," such as carry-on baggage, overhead space or the ability choose your own seat, could bump up your ticket price by $100 or more.

Google recently announced its Google Flights will now give you specifics about the features that come with basic economy fares on American, Delta and United flights.

Another new feature: Google Flights now uses artificial intelligence and data to spot flight delays even faster than airlines can report them.

Google says it won't flag delays in its app unless it's 80 percent confident about them.

As cool as that is, it's still a good idea to head to the airport on time, unless the airline's told you otherwise.

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