Rescue dog leads the way for blind pup companion

Rescue dog leads the way for blind pup companion

VARINA, VA (WWBT) - Two Great Pyrenees rescue dogs in Varina share a bond unlike most pups raised together.

Milo is a seeing-eye dog - but not for a human. He leads the way for Sarah, who is timid and often loses her way, because she is blind.

Both of the two-year-old pups arrived at the Appalachian Great Pyrenees Rescue in need of medical attention. Now, they're rehabbed and ready for a new home.

Milo is extremely protective of Sarah, always leading the way and protecting her from other dogs.

The two are inseparable, both extremely loving and friendly towards each other, and people.

The rescue's director, Victoria Marshman, says the pair's previous owner had fallen ill and was no longer able to properly care for them. Milo and Sarah were very thin. One of Sarah's eyes needed surgery.

"This eye was about to fall out, honestly," said Marshman of Sarah's eye. "It was just really scary. It made you pause," said Marshman.

Milo and Sarah hope to stay together but could be adopted out separately.

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