Researchers: Cancer vaccine eliminates tumor in mice

Researchers: Cancer vaccine eliminates tumor in mice

(WWBT) - Researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine injected a cancer vaccine in 90 mice, and most of them were cured.

According to the study, researchers injected small amounts of two immune-stimulating agents directly into solid tumors in mice. As a result, all traces of cancer in the mice were gone.

The researchers believe the vaccine can serve as cancer therapy.

"When we use these two agents together, we see the elimination of tumors all over the body," said Ronald Levy, MD, professor of oncology. "This approach bypasses the need to identify tumor-specific immune targets and doesn't require wholesale activation of the immune system or customization of a patient's immune cells."

Researchers said one agent has already been approved for use in humans, while the other has been tested for human use in several unrelated clinical trials.

The cancer recurred in three of the mice with lymphoma tumors, but the tumors regressed after a second treatment, the study said. Researchers said they saw similar results in mice that had breast, colon, and melanoma tumors.

Of the 90 mice that received the treatment, 87 were cured.

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