Hearts of Gold: Maggie Carson chosen for lifetime of service

Hearts of Gold: Maggie Carson chosen for lifetime of service

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - In the spirit of the Olympics, we asked you to help us find local heroes in our community - people with hearts of gold, who put others first and make our community better.

The votes are in, and you sent us straight to Maggie Carson, a near 92-year-old CEO, who's made a lifetime out of giving back.

From the sparkle in those Irish eyes, to the lightness in her laugh, Carson is just one of those people.

"I use a lot of energy," laughed Carson.

No doubt!  We asked how she was helping others, and her nomination was lengthy.

"No matter the day or time or day, she has volunteered with Caritas, Rise Against Hunger, funerals, weddings, visiting our homebound, Christmas Mother, Angel Tree, Prime Timers, Vacation Bible School and the list goes on and on," wrote Donna Coffeey, who nominated Carson.

"I have always enjoyed people," said Carson. "So many people are different. But there's always the love there. That's what keeps you going."

Maybe it's because this sweetheart was born on Valentine's Day - a fate sealed at birth? But, Carson lives by that rule of loving others and putting them first.

"I love to do it all and just be there when people needed help," said Carson.

"She is a ray of sunshine," added Coffey. "She changes everybody's life."

It's that spirit that drove Donna Coffey to nominate Carson.

"I think there are just sometimes in life when you need somebody," said Coffey. "That just makes all the difference in the world, and you're that person to everybody."

Sometimes, it's the little ways we help others that makes for a big impact in our community.

"She does have a heart of gold," said Coffey.  "She's kind and she's nice and there's nothing she wouldn't do for somebody. She's been like that her whole life. So thank you, Carson, for sharing your Olympic spirit, during the Olympic Games. Thank you for being you."

Because she is a winner, Carson will get a $200 gift card to Saxon Shoes. She says it's her favorite store.

After a recent fall, she could use some new shoes.

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