Health experts: If you have the flu, don't go to a Super Bowl party

Health experts: If you have the flu, don't go to a Super Bowl party

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Sunday's yell fest during the Super Bowl can easily turn into a hot mess filled with airborne particles coming from game-watcher's mouths.

If you dodge the germs in the air, there's plenty to pass up on the snack table.

Doctors and nutritionists say the best way to avoid the flu is to avoid people in general, especially if you have the virus.

"Someone with the flu should not go to a Super Bowl gathering," said Diane Woolward of the Virginia Department of Health.

The good news is you likely have the tools to stay healthy. Wash your hands, cutting boards, fruits and veggies.

Make sure to cook food at the right temperature.

But there's no way to have a round the clock eye on the dipping cup for double dippers.

"The flu is spread from human to human so touching the chips or dip if you have the virus is dangerous," Woolward said.

Experts say using spoons for sauces and dips are better than nothing at all.

The symptoms will start to show two to three days after contraction.

"Fever, sore throat, cough … the hallmark of the flu is the terrible, terrible body aches that come on terribly quickly after the other symptoms," Kenneth Lucas, a Patient First physician said.

Long story short: if you start feeling like you've been sacked come Tuesday or Wednesday, it's time to start looking for an antiviral like Tamiflu.

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