Saving while dining out: Chefs deliver tips on what to avoid ordering

Saving while dining out: Chefs deliver tips on what to avoid ordering

(WWBT) - Chefs have some behind-the-scenes tips for diners about what to stay away from on the menu when dining out.

It might surprise you, but knowing how food ends up on your plate may make you want to avoid certain items altogether.

Most chefs agree that it's a good idea to stay away from chicken dishes because chicken is often over-priced and when the kitchen gets busy it can end up being undercooked.

Also, chefs same some restaurants might prepare chicken breast dishes in advance Monday and then use those throughout the week, or maybe longer if they don't sell quickly.

You may also want to skip the soup.

Unless a restaurant specializes in soups or is known for a particular type of soup, chefs say restaurants see it as a side dish or a cheap lunch item. Additionally, "soup of the day" is just like the "daily special" - it's made from some of the oldest ingredients in the kitchen that are at, or maybe even beyond, their best-by dates.

There are also certain drinks it may be wise to steer clear of.

Draft beer may be inadvisable because some restaurants don't clean the drink fountains or taps every day. Regular cleaning is important to keep bacteria and mildew from accumulating.

In general, sticking with what the restaurant specializes in should lead to a good experience most of the time. For example, if you are eating at a steakhouse, don't order the pasta, and don't get the chicken wrap at a hamburger joint.

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