Cleaning out the clutter will help you save

Cleaning out the clutter will help you save

(WWBT) - Getting better organized with time and resources can be a challenge, but some simple plans can help accomplish your goals.

If clutter is bringing you down, earmark 15 minutes every day to deal with it.

Take one day to sort out clothes you never wear from your closet.

The next day, delete old emails you don't need anymore.

Take a few minutes one day to sort through and file old bills and financial paperwork.

Checking bills is important for another reason, too. While automatic payments and paperless billing are more convenient, make sure that you look through your statements and check your account regularly online.

Many lenders set a deadline for disputing charges, so you will need to catch errors and potentially fraudulent activity quickly.

If you have debt on multiple credit cards, this is a good time to shop around for a balance transfer card you can use to consolidate the debt and pay it off faster.

Most consolidation cards charge a small fee, but you most also come with an interest-free period in which to pay the balance off.

Make sure to mark that date on your calendar so you don't get hit with big interest charges.

It's also a good reminder that keeping a pile of paperwork isn't always necessary. A list of how long you should hold onto different statements is available here.

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