Petersburg residents complain of smelly, cloudy tap water

Petersburg residents complain of smelly, cloudy tap water

PETERSBURG, VA (WWBT) - Petersburg residents contact 12 On Your Side after they say they've been without clear water to drink or even bathe with.

Neighbors from different sections of the city are uniting on social media, wondering what's causing the problems and whether the city is doing enough to get them some answers.

It appears to be happening in pockets of the city, not widespread. Yet, numerous complaints are mounting of people frightened by what's coming out of the sink.

For Christie Womack, this is causing more than a headache.

"I'm worried," she said. "No baths, no showers."

The nightmare started over the weekend.

"Just went to fill the dog's dishes - and they're silver - filled them up, and couldn't see the bottom of the bowl…It was like I was pouring beer. Half of the water was clear and half of the water was really cloudy. You couldn't even see through the other side," Womack added.

Four days later, the water isn't as cloudy, but, "There's little things floating around…I'm still scared of it though because I don't know what's in it," said Womack.

It's not just her.

"I have to have water," Tonya Ross aid.

That's why she is buying bottled water in bulk, afraid to drink or cook with her tap water.

In a video posted on Facebook, one resident says although he cleans his bathtub often, what appears to be dirt particles surface when he runs the water.

Another person writes, "Is anyone else's water coming out the faucet like this in Walnut Hill?" while holding a water bottle filled with cloudy water. Others complain of a chlorine smell.

"There are many factors contributing to our current watermain/line issues, the top being weather changes and age of infrastructure. However, the City has been expeditious and responsive in reference to repairs," said City Spokesperson Folakemi Osoba.

Womack says she's called the city two days in a row.

"It goes straight to voicemail," she said, claiming she's left messages with no returned call.

"I ordered a water kit to check the water, but I really think the city should set up something so people can bring in their water to get it tested, so they know its okay," she said.

There have been back-to-back water main breaks and boil water advisories recently. Replacing aging pipes is part of the city's Capital Improvement Plan.

If you're having water issues, call 804-733-2407 from 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. After 3:30 p.m., call the 24-hour non-emergency line at 804-732-4222.

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