HCA Neighborhood Health Watch: Cold weather injuries

HCA Neighborhood Health Watch: Cold weather injuries

In this week's Neighborhood Health Watch, we're talking about cold weather injuries.

We're already battling a dangerous flu season, but with dropping temperatures, snow or ice, we're already at a high risk for illnesses or injuries.

Dr. Preston Rich, a trauma surgeon at Chippenham Hospital, is here to talk to us about some of the most common injuries we see this time of year.

"Some of those are slips and falls...we see a lot of musculoskeletal injuries, but we can see some broken bones too, wrists and hips," said Dr. Rich. "Wear treaded shoes, salt the areas if you can, and most importantly, use common sense. Avoid those icy inclines."

"Another important thing to think about is hypothermia. It's dangerous because it can sneak up on you - temperatures as low as 60 degrees, you can become a victim."

Dr. Rich says you should wear lots of layers and have an air barrier to keep yourself as warm as possible, and try to stay dry. Symptoms may be slow to come on - confusion, if shivering stops, slurred speech - so if any of these happen, get inside and warm up.

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