Chesterfield police warn of phone scam

Chesterfield police warn of phone scam

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - Chesterfield police are investigating a phone scam where the suspects are pretending to be law enforcement.

Police say someone is calling people around Chesterfield saying they must pay a fine for missing jury duty or a court date. The suspect is asking people to meet them and pay with a pre-paid card.

Police say they will never ask you to do this.

In a Facebook post, Chesterfield police said, "The phone calls coming in with these scams are intimidating and can be frightening enough for people to feel pressured into doing something they know makes no sense. Please, don't fall for this. Check with the courthouse to verify what you are being told. Call us to file a report...but NEVER spend your hard-earned money on one of these scams."

If you receive a call like this, call the courthouse and verify what you're being told and call police to file a report.

The non-emergency number is 804-748-1251 and the Clerk's Office at Chesterfield County Courthouse is 804-748-1231.

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