New Year, New You: Strengthen your oblique muscles

Side bends with the kettle bell (Source: NBC12)
Side bends with the kettle bell (Source: NBC12)

(WWBT) - We're on your side helping you maintain your fitness goals in 2018. Fitness trainer and bodybuilder Dorrie Smith is sharing tips with us all month long.

Tonight, she's tightening up your midsection by strengthening your oblique muscles.

"Today, we're going to be talking about the obliques. What Ron is doing here is he is doing side bends with the kettle bell. You can also do these with a dumbbell as well. He's just keeping his core tight, bending. He's not trying to stretch too far down to the side, but just enough to work the sides of the core muscles here."

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"I'm going to come over here to Kimmie. She's demonstrating what they call the Russian twist. All she is doing is she is slightly leaning back. She's keeping the core tight, as she twists, working that waistline. So women, for those of you who are trying to get that small waistline, this is one of the exercises that you might enjoy doing. We do rotational movements to prevent growing the muscle outward. So what Ron is doing over there, as we demonstrated, he could be putting on some muscle in the waistline which could widen his midsection a little bit. Women, we tend to do more rotational movements for that waistline."

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