HCA Neighborhood Health Watch: Fighting the flu

HCA Neighborhood Health Watch: Fighting the flu

We've been telling you for weeks about this particularly bad flu season we're dealing with. More than two dozen people have died, and the flu is widespread in every state, except Hawaii.

The best way to fight the flu is prevention, but if you already have it, Dr. Daniel Angeli from Parham Doctor's Hospital is here to tell us what you can do to prevent it from spreading.

"Wash your hands all the time. All the time. Certainly, soap and water is a great way - 15 seconds of a vigorous scrub," said Dr. Angeli.

He says alcohol-based products also work.

If you do not yet have the flu, get the flu shot - it's not too late.

"Especially if you are one of our people at risk...those very young, under five; over 65 years of age; people with underlying diseases and pregnant women," said Dr. Angeli. "It still does a great job with a lot of the flu out there...it tends to shorten the duration, lessen the symptoms and get you back on your feet."

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