Scientists: Stay away from 'raw water'

Scientists: Stay away from 'raw water'

(WWBT) - Bottled water is old news. Now the trendy new thing to drink is "raw water," sometimes called "live water."

But while the ads claim this water is better for you, scientists at the CDC and EPA say you want to steer clear of this hot new trend.

Companies selling "live" or "raw water" say it's toxin-free, and much healthier for you than regular tap water. But that live water isn't cheap. One of the bigger companies sells its raw water for $36.99 for a two and a half gallon bottle, with refills for $14.99.

CDC, EPA and other scientists warn that untreated spring water often contains bacteria, parasites and viruses, thanks to things like farm waste runoff, septic tank spillover, and pesticides, which puts you at risk for some seriously nasty infections, like hepatitis A, E. coli, Shigella and more.

While your tap water is tested for germs and contaminants, that spring water may not be.

This trend is very expensive, and could put your health at risk.

If you don't like the idea of drinking tap water, spend $20 and get a water filter pitcher for your fridge.

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